LAtin courses


The Classics Department offers the following courses in Latin:

CL 103–4 Elementary Latin I – II
Intended for students who have had no previous instruction in Latin, the primary objective of this course is the acquisition of the skill to read Latin through study of word forms and their use, of vocabulary, and of the rules of syntax.

CL 205–6 Intermediate Latin I – II
A review of Latin grammar and syntax through a survey of Latin prose and verse with an emphasis on strengthening reading skills. CL205 surveys the literature of the Republic, while CL206 provides a survey of Imperial literature. FA14CL205website     SP14CL206website

CL 321 Latin Prose Composition I
An intensive review of Latin syntax and morphology leading to composition of sentences and short connected passages.

CL 322 Latin Prose Composition II
Study of the development and style of Latin prose; prose composition exercises. Selected passages from various Roman authors are translated and analyzed.

CL 323 Vergil
Readings from the Aeneid with lectures on Vergil’s style, the epic tradition, and Vergil’s relationship to Augustan Rome. Selected readings from the Eclogues and Georgics may also be included.

CL 324 Cicero
Selected readings from Cicero’s speeches with lectures on Roman rhetorical techniques, Cicero’s prose style, and late Republican history.

CL 325 Ovid
Readings from the Metamorphoses, supplemented by lectures on Ovid’s style and his place in the epic tradition. Selections from the Tristia, Amores, Heroides or the Ars Amatoria may also be included. FA13website

CL 330 Roman Epic Poets
A survey of Latin epic poetry including Ennius, Vergil, Lucan and Statius. Lectures on the nature of Roman Epic and its relationship to Roman History.

CL 331 Roman Comedy
Selected readings from the plays of Plautus and Terence with lectures on the development of Roman comedy and its influences on the Renaissance and later writers.

CL 332 Roman Lyric Poets
Selected readings from Horace’s Odes and Catullus’ poems with lectures on themes, meter, and style.

CL 333 Roman Elegiac Poets
Selected readings from Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid supplemented by lectures on the development of the genre. FA11website

CL 334 Roman Satire
Selected readings from Horace, Persius, and Juvenal supplemented by lectures on the evolution of Roman satire and the relationship of the genre to the political and social environment. FA14website

CL 336 Roman Philosophy
Selected readings from Roman philosophical authors including Cicero, Lucretius and Seneca. Lectures on the development of Roman philosophical writing and philosophy.

CL 340 Silver Age Latin
Selected readings of Silver Age prose and poetry with lectures on Roman imperial history after Augustus.

CL 341 Roman Historiography – Republican
Selected readings from Caesar or Sallust with lectures on genre and style. FA07website

CL 342 Roman Historiography – Imperial
Selected readings from Livy or Tacitus with lectures on genre and style. SP12website

CL 346 Post Classical Latin
Selected readings from the Church Fathers, late pagan authors, and significant medieval prose writers and poets with lectures on the evolution of Latin and various topics pertinent to the chosen authors.

CL 350 Latin Special Topics
An examination of various topics related to Latin. SP14website     SP11website    SP08website

CL 450 Latin Seminar
Selected authors or topics are presented for special study. SP09website