Kate Preble '16    (ClassicS major/ Archaeology minor )

WEB PROJECTS EDITOR: Byland Abbey Ghost Stories; Reel Rome

Kate Preble is currently involved in editing two departmental web projects; Byland Abbey Ghost Stories Project and ReelRome.com. She also serves as vice-president of the Classics Society and has been part of the summer excavations in Orvieto over the past two seasons.

The Byland Abbey Ghost Stories Project is the culmination of a group project begun Spring 2014 in the Advanced Latin special topics course, The Supernatural: Ancient and Medieval. For the project, each student was given a packet of Byland ghost stories for which they provided a translation, complete glossary, commentaries and an analytical essay with bibliography. Kate has been instrumental in editing these submissions and formatting them for the website. Kate's assigned Byland story was the second one, the manuscript of which is pictured on the left. The decoding of a mysterious word in this manuscript, which the transcriber did not understand, has also been a focus of her interest.

The ReelRome project is a website offering historical analysis for the first season of the HBO series Rome, which covers Caesar's Gallic victory to his assassination. For this project, Kate is working on the evidence chart for the first episode The Stolen Eagle. The evidence chart exibits and evaluates an episode's historical accuracy. The work involves combing through ancient sources for evidence and writing a brief appraisal of each scene in the episode.